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The interface between the computer and humans in generally mediated thought a physical device. We have to move our muscles to make the computer respond. Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) use signals directly from the brain to interact with a computer.


We currently have 2 Masters Theses working with BCI and Games. There is also the potential to use the EEG devices we have for colour research and for biometric security.

EEG and Brain Wave Training
This project is looking at the difference between training using physical objects (Lego Robot) vs the virtual object on screen.
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EEG and Games Feedback
This project links EEG to in game feedback to train attention and focus.
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There is a growing body of research on the potential for brain training to assist in ADHD. We hope that these research projects might benefit for sufferers from from ADHD and general attention issues.

Reading List

Thesis on Affective Ludology

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