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The GTL offers many causes all of which are in English. These are divided between game specific topics and general computer science topics.

Game Specific:

Masters Course:

General Courses:

University of Otago Equivalent for S4 Game Programming Degree

  • IMT3591 Artificial Intelligence is COSC343 Artificial Intelligence
  • IMT2282 Operating Systems is COSC243 Computer Architecture and Operating Systems
  • IMT2243 System Development is INFO211 Systems Analysis and Design Methods

Recommended Swap for very focused Game students

Take COSC360 in Summer School as an alternative to any of these three courses and take the replaced course in combination with the bachelor thesis in S6

Note This gives you 27 points, so you have to take an additional 5 pt course from HiG to fulfill the number of points for your degree. e.g. Rapid Prototyping.

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