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The research work is very important to the lab. We have 4 main areas that are currently active.

Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI)

Emotiv Epoc

Using brain activity to control games is a new and exciting area of research. We use the Emotiv EPOC™ as our EEG device. This is used for entertainment, research and serious games. Knowing more about how games affect our brains provides clues as to why games are so engaging. Having analyzed brain activity we can use feedback to train people to control their attention and engagement. This is particularly important for ADHD patients, but is also great for anyone looking to improve their focus. BCI also allows you to control games with your thoughts alone, and interact with new types of games. Now you really can use the “force” to defeat your enemy.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Games are becoming part of our everyday lives, part of our reality. AR is about taking this one step further and mixing computer game content with the real world. At the GTL we use AR technology for both entertainment and education. AR games using the eyeToy or Natal allow players to interact with a virtual world in their homes, while mobile systems allow this interaction to move outside and become pervasive gaming. Our AR games merge the real with the virtual to create new ways of playing.

Mobile Gaming (Mob)

Gaming on mobile devices has transcended the PSP and DS, and now every smart phone is a powerful game console. In the GTL we are developing games that take advantage of all the features of modern phones. Opportunities for impromptu gaming with co-located opponents, and the ability to interact with the player via speech and SMS. This technology is also being used to help provide navigation for the blind and rehabilitation for the elderly.

Games and Society (Serious Games)

File:SeriousGames.png In the GTL we are interested in both entertainment and the wider application game technology. Our goal is to be involved many areas of Serious Games development, games which both entertain and help the player. We currently have game projects in health, military tactics and school education. Many industries are looking to game design and technology to help train, educate, and mobilize their customers and employees.

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