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Useful knowledge

This section discussion some useful links


We have made a decision to move to Distributed Version Control. Rather than a centralized server that holds all the code, we each have a full copy of the code repository. Learning to use Git is a bit harder than subversion so some resources that might help include:


Mario Wynands talking about game usability Pikpok Usability Testing

Improving Research

Visualisation of Research Data

Evaluating Statistics and Experimental Design


The latest LaTex thesis template comes in two example packages

We suggest on windows using

There are instructions on setting up the TeXnicCenter with Adobe PDF linking to adobe so that all the hyperref stuff works properly. It uses the DDE commands in the output profile for PDF latex. The summary is:

  • In TexnicCenter, hit Alt+F7 and click on the viewer tab.
  • In the "View project output" and "Forward search" options, select the "DDE Command" radio button and fill in the following: Command = [DocOpen("%bm.pdf")][FileOpen("%bm.pdf")], Server = acroview, Topic = control
  • For the "Close document before running Latex" , select DDE with the same server settings as above, but change the command to be [DocClose("%bm.pdf")]

Writing tools

Game Statistics

There are a few sites which are really useful for game information and statistics

Learning Android

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